Your single-source maintenance partner.

Bright Sky is a “one-stop shop,” providing custom solutions locally, regionally and nationally.

Maximize your facility service budget

Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Chicago, Bright Sky is your single source for a professional workforce, efficient processes and innovative resources. Our proactive approach keeps your property running at optimum efficiency. We offer clients a complete range of services for the commercial, industrial and logistics markets on local, regional and national levels. This comprehensive approach streamlines costs associated with labor, payroll, insurance, training, uniforms, equipment, supplies and supervision.

The Benefits of Working with Bright Sky:

Bright Sky Budget Management
Bright Sky Customized Programs
Bright Sky Reliable and Local Service
Bright Sky Streamlined Operations
Bright Sky Sustainable Maintenance
Bright Sky Unparalleled Expertise

Bright Sky provides specialized training, personnel and equipment that are customized to your business environment. Our extensive national experience provides us with a unique ability to understand specific market demands. Whether you’re responsible for keeping a highly technical corporate backroom secure, or making sure public transportation terminals are clean, we have the people and equipment to help.

Every client can expect:

  • A dedicated Bright Sky account manager who informs you of operations at all facilities, all of the time
  • Electronic billing that itemizes each service location
  • Tracking reports and documentation that measures service levels
  • Preventative maintenance practices that identify and anticipate potential problems before they occur

We treat every client as if they are our only one, with high-quality, responsive and dedicated service that will exceed your expectations without stretching your budget.


Bright Sky is rooted in a deep heritage of integrity

Our mission is to provide excellent outsourced services to our clients, and we believe building the best employee work environments leads to the best output of these services. Bright Sky’s strong commitment to responsible business practices is due to the management team’s strong family values. These values are the foundation of everything we do.


We are where you are

Regardless of where you are located, Bright Sky can easily streamline your services and extend them to all of your locations regionally and nationwide. When you contract for two or more Bright Sky services, internal communications ensure all services are working together at all locations, just as if smoothly as they are next door.

Bright Sky meets client needs on local, regional and national levels

Better technology means better quality

Bright Sky’s industry-leading technology keeps us in close contact to handle service requests with ease. We track and measure everything we do through integrated mobile communications and online access. Clients can review status, data and reports online at any time. We also review results with you on a regular basis, analyze what’s working, and adjust when necessary to meet changing priorities.

Our technology advancements allow us to:

  • Control costs
  • Assure quality service
  • Deliver on scheduled services or special requests
  • Communicate efficiently
  • Provide accurate, timely financial information and service reports
  • Consolidate information to drive process improvements

While working with you, Bright Sky develops standards of performance to measure the quality of our services. Our quality program delivers:

  • A clear focus on providing what we promise
  • Well-defined policies and procedures centered around your business objectives
  • Internal and external quality reviews to meet performance, efficiency and safety compliance benchmarks
  • Continual performance improvement.

Ensure a clean bill of health for your facility

Bright Sky can help you reduce liability through mutual safety efforts. Our Risk Management professionals work hand-in-hand with your team to promote the safest possible environment at your facility, by managing safety programs, worker’s compensation, liability claims and insurance. Additionally, regular worksite safety inspections identify potential hazards and evaluate compliance requirements.

All Bright Sky employees receive general safety training, as well as specialized safety training, as warranted by their assigned duties. Our staff is trained to consider the health and safety of the people around them, including building occupants and visitors.

Green Cleaning

We help you go green while saving green

Our environment-friendly practices include:

  • Using green cleaning products prevents harm to the environment and workers
  • Routinely emptying vacuum bags before they overflow
  • Properly vacuuming, rinsing and drying carpet to prevent mold growth
  • Keeping equipment clean and well maintained
  • Ensuring disinfectants have adequate dwell time to thoroughly remove grime while reducing cleaning product use
  • Color-coding tools to prevent pollutants from traveling from one area (such as a restroom) to another
  • Recycling materials
  • Cleaning entrances and mats to trap and remove pollutants before they enter your facility
  • Applying cleaner to wipes to trap particles instead of spraying the surface and moving them around

We offer other “green” maintenance services that go beyond green cleaning…just ask us!

Bright Sky facility maintenance staffing
Bright Sky maximizes facility service budgets
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