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I understand and agree that I will be paid by National Star Services my wages every two weeks, payable on Monday of the fourth week. For example, a two week pay period beginning on Monday the 1st and ending on Sunday the 14th , will be paid on Monday the 22nd. I understand that this method of payment is a standard business practice.

Once I receive my wages I understand and agree to verify that the amounts are correct (i.e. time worked, deductions, net pay). By cashing the check, I hereby agree that all the amounts reflected on the check are correct. I understand that any and all concerns about the payment of a specific payroll cycle need to be reported to the corporate payroll department within two weeks of the end of the specific payroll cycle.

Your regular pay rate is:

Your overtime pay rate is:

In addition, you may be receiving discretionary incentive pay. The incentive pay is completely optional and within the sole discretion of the company. The company reserves the right to alter its payment program at any time.

Properly completing your timesheet and submitting it on time is very important. You must keep track of your own work time using a company timesheet in addition to what the client may require. It is your responsibility to have your work time recorded. Timesheets must be fully completed and turned in to our corporate office by Monday 8am CST. Failure to follow procedures may result in corrective action and a delay in pay.

Any timesheets that are not sent in by Monday 8am will not be processed by our payroll vendor on time.

Subsequently, all late timesheets will be paid on the following payroll cycle and will be included on your following check.

Furthermore, our payroll vendor charges a minimum $30 processing fee for any expedited requests. Other fees might apply depending on the request.

I hereby confirm that I have read this acknowledgment form and that I am signing this form voluntarily. I also agree to the relevant fees associated with any requests I might have and that, if applicable, accept to have them deducted from my pay.

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