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National Star Services Policy Guidelines (SEC)

I, (hereinafter referred to as “Employee”), understand and agree to follow the Policy Guidelines of National Star Services (hereinafter, referred to as “Company”), and further understand and agree, that these Policy Guidelines do not form an employment contract for any particular duration and that I remain an at-will employee.

Employee has read, understands and agrees to follow the site post orders and any additional policies required by the customer and the Company.

1. Employee understands that he/she is not empowered to make arrests, unlawfully detain persons, or carry weapons of any kind in the performance of their employment. Persons or property may only be detained if there is a reasonable belief that property is mistakenly being removed from the premises or if it is reasonably believed that a theft is in progress. The Employee must summon the police immediately upon discovering theft, criminal activity, and any other unusual activity. Employee agrees to hold harmless the Company for any liability resulting from their misconduct.

2. Employee agrees, as a condition of employment that during the term of employment, and thereafter, Employee will not discuss, disclose, describe or reproduce in any manner confidential information. Employee agrees to keep confidential all Company information, documents, and other material, verbal and written, observed during his/her employment period at the Company.

3. Upon termination the Employee is required to return to Company all of his/her uniform clothing and all work related documents, materials, and equipment.

4. All Company and customer owned hardware and software are provided as a resource to maintain and increase employee productivity, and is not intended for personal use. Employee is not authorized to use the Internet, whether through email or the World Wide Web, from the computers provided. Employee will not attempt to log on to other user’s accounts or to access information not approved for their specific job function. Employee understands that all activities involving any resource are monitored and recorded, and has no right to privacy. Any misuse of customer and Company owned equipment could result in corrective action, including termination.

5. The Company does not tolerate harassment. It is every employee’s responsibility to ensure that his or her conduct does not include or imply harassment in any form. Violation of this provision may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

6. The Company recognizes that, on the job and off the job, drug and alcohol abuse can have a major impact on the Employee’s capability to perform his/her duties. Thus, it is essential that all employees be free from the effects of substance abuse. The use, possession, or sale of illegal drugs is a violation of Company policy. Unauthorized possession or consumption of alcohol on the customer’s property or while on the job is a violation of Company policy.

7. It is the employee’s responsibility to let his/her supervisor know of any employment other than National Star Services.

8. The term of employment shall be at will, provided, however, that Employee should give the Company fourteen (14) days written notice of intention to terminate.

9. The Company has the right to modify its rules, policies and benefits, both written and unwritten, as business requires.

10. It is the policy of the Company to present a conservative and professional image to the clients we serve. In addition to proper dress, employees are expected to present a clean, neat and professional appearance. Distracting and revealing clothing is not appropriate for work. All employees are prohibited from wearing extreme or eccentric hairstyles, clothing that do not present a professional appearance. For safety reasons no jewelry is allowed while at work.

11. Employees that appear for work inappropriately dressed and not according to the dress code will be sent home. Under such circumstances, employees will not be compensated for the day. Repeated disregard of the dress code will result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

12. If any covenant shall be held invalid, this Agreement shall be interpreted as if such invalid covenant were not contained herein. This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois.

I Have Read And Understand The Above Policy Guidelines And Further Understand That By Following These Policy Guidelines I Am Not Guaranteed Employment For Any Particular Duration And I Remain An At-Will Employee.

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